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24  jars of kombucha / 16oz each ($102) + packaging ($43)

Choice of up to 6 flavors

12 jars of kombucha / 16oz each ($51) + packaging ($34)

Choice of up to 3 flavors


one half gallon / 64 fl oz  ($18) + packaging ($37)

Choose one flavor

We are so pleased to finally be able to ship our kombucha nationwide! Thank you to all of our loyal customers who want our small batch kombucha from the beach. 

We understand that the price may seem a little high. We would like to explain why. Our kombucha is a raw product and must stay under 45 degrees farenheit or it will continue to ferment. Because of this, we must package it in insulated shipping containers with cold packs and we must ship next day air. 

Please do not forget that you are always welcome to pick up in store without paying packaging or shipping costs. Simply call in your order at 443-783-5374 or email us at anytime. 

ONE HALF GROWLER                         two HALF GROWLERS


one gallon / 128 fl oz  ($34) + packaging ($36)

Choose one flavor



ONE GROWLER                                two GROWLERS

case of kombucha                    two cases of kombucha


$25 giftcard              $50 giftcard               $100 giftcard

two half gallon / one gallon / 128 fl oz  ($36) + packaging ($39)

Choose two flavors

two gallons / 256 fl oz  ($68) + packaging ($52)

Choose two flavors